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We have been the leading manufacturer of funeral equipment in the region for 60 years.


Our Company

With 60 years of tradition of our dedicated work, today we are the leading manufacturer of funeral equipment in Serbia. Each of our products goes through the skillful hands of experienced craftsmen. The craftsmanship of hand-processed wood parts is passed down from generation to generation to continue the tradition that our company has. This is the reason our products are recognizable and authentic. They carry in themselves exclusivity in quality and in the manufacturing process because they are focused on man. We make each part of our products with a lot of compassion for the families who will use our products in moments of bidding farewell, which is also our mission.

We help our community

We believe in recovery, and therefore we strive to return what we have borrowed from nature through waste recycling, using the 100% potential of the raw material. We have supported several outstanding projects of our partners who have contributed to a better quality of life in their environment through their activities:
- cooperation with local communities in the district of Bačka Topola: arranging parks, making benches and other wooden amenities;
- cooperation with the art colony in Bačka Topola;
- various humanitarian donations;
- assistance to schools for their needs;
- support for events in the form of firewood and many other activities.

"Man can say that his/her life has not been missed, if he/she can do at least one single thing better than others."

- Momo Kapor